Message Results

Every message you send through Chatcast will be viewable in your message results. You can track message performance, who the message was targeted at, and review the content of messages sent. 

1) Message Results

Select the message you want to review and the flyout menu will appear on the right hand side. Important things to observe are the time/date of the message send, the text of the message, the number of subscribers targeted, the number of deliveries, the number of opens and the CTR (click through rate). These numbers are real-time, no delays. 


2) Targets

Using the tabs at the top of the flyout menu, select Targets to see the list of subscribers who were sent this message. Next to the subscribers, there are a series of colored icons. A blue icon indicates the message was sent, a yellow icon indicates the message was opened and a purple icon indicates the link in the message was clicked. 


Select the drop down menu at the top of this list to drill down into a subset by Delivered, Delivered and Opened or Link Clicked.


3) View

Select the next tab at the top of the flyout menu to view the original message sent with the text, the link and images. 


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