Growth Tools - Your Most Powerful Chatcast Application

An important feature of Chatcast is that your subscriber base is 100% opt-in. Unlike email applications for example, you cannot simply import a list of subscribers. You are of course on the vanguard of marketers engaging with your audience on Messenger and as such I'm sure that all of your email lists are 100% opt-in as well. The good news is that your fellow Chatcasters are building their subscriber bases quickly by a) defining what your audience is opting into, b) leveraging Chatcast’s Comment growth tools to engage on Messenger. Your total potential audience is de-coupled from your Facebook “likes” audience. For example, you might have 200,000 likes/followers on your Facebook page and have a house email list of 600,000 people, but by promoting this communication channel as widely as you can via an email campaign or promoted Facebook posts, you can build a Chatcast subscriber base as large or larger than either of these lists. 

Makes sense? Let's get to work. 

(Quick Links to Advanced Growth Tools:)
a) Facebook Comment: Auto-Subscribe
b) Facebook Comment: Keyword Promotion

1) Define Your Channel

Facebook Messenger Marketing is new for marketers and consumers alike. Email is critical for business and promotional communications, but socially we are sending each other fewer emails every month. Brands that can communicate effectively with shorter format, real-time messages engage their audiences 300%-400% more effectively than brands that do not. Brands must explain what they are offering their audiences via this channel however. Here are some examples, across multiple industries:

  • Sports - Score Alert/Trade News/Injury Report/General Interest/Ticket Packages
  • eCommerce - Sale Alert/Product of the Week/intro to a vendor
  • Politics – Real Time News/video engagement/rallies/polls/fundraising/Reminder to Vote/Share Messages
  • CPG - Recipe of the Week/Live event announcements/media coverage/
  • B2B - Month or week in review (video)/community news/live events
  • Entertainment - Performance Announcements/Free admissions/VIP Lists/New recordings
  • Residential Real Estate – New Listing/price change/video tours/closing notes
  • Public Services – emergency alerts/breaking news

2) Add Messenger Button to your Facebook Page

In adding this button to your page, anyone can subscribe at any time by simply sending you a message. After clicking the blue Get Started button at the bottom of their messenger window, they will be greeted by your opt-in message with a description of what sort of communications they will be receiving in the voice of your organization. It’s important that your audience does not feel like this is a conversational tool to ask informal questions as the experience with modern chatbots is inevitably not satisfactory for automated conversation. This is a modern distribution channel that will send messages your audience will look forward to. 


3) Leverage your Facebook QR Code

 IN 2016, Facebook launched a new type of QR code, a beautiful looking circular image with your profile image in the center that makes it easy to connect on Messenger. This is especially effective for in-person events or for you to use in brick-and-mortar retail. 

For some inspiration for how to apply to your business, look to how QR codes are being leveraged overseas


To use these codes to connect, use your camera within the Messenger app (ios and Android only), touch and hold on the screen and a circle will appear. Frame this circle around a QR code and you'll then be connected to that account. 

In the Promote tab on the bottom right of the page is a unique QR code for your Facebook page. You can download this Code as a .png file and print it out for use within your store, stadium, ticket booth or to put in the "Contact Us" section of your website.

4) Leverage Your Direct Link

Your direct link is a unique URL that corresponds to your Page's Facebook Messenger account. Anyone who clicks on this link, either on desktop or mobile will have Messenger open. 



Promote your Messenger channel in your email newsletter, in your email signature and on your website. Include your unique Messenger Direct Link so they can click through to subscribe. Try posting it in the comments on your page posts, text it directly to a fan you meet at your show, or promote it on your other social media channels! This is an easy list to curate and to manage. 



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