General Settings

General Settings is where you explain to your potential subscribers what your Messenger Marketing channel is going to deliver. This message sets the tone for your potential subscribers as well for your internal team in determining the primary use of this channel. 

1) Greeting Message

When a subscriber clicks your Messenger Direct Link or clicks Send Message on your Facebook page, this is the message they will receive. Take care to use this valuable real estate to explain that this is not a chatbot, and what type of communications they will be receiving from you. Edit our standard message to suit the voice of your organization. 


2) Opt In Message

Single Opt In

If you select your channel to be single opt in, the subscriber will be added immidately to your subscriber list and a thank you for subscribing message will play. 

Screen_Shot_2017-08-22_at_6.38.40_PM.png Double Opt In

If you select Double Opt in, the subscriber is given another option to confirm that they do in fact want to receive your messages. Customize the description of your messages as well as the button text to suit the voice of your organization. 


3) Opt Out Script

Your subscribers can opt out at any point by simply tying STOP or UNSUBSCRIBE (caps not necessary). Should they do so, a message of your design will play in which they will confirm or cancel their request. You can also edit the confirm or cancel button text to suit your organization. 


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