The top right of your subscription is the Admin tab. With it, you can add team members to your Chatcast instance as either Admin or Contributors, add or disable channels and update your password. This tab is available from any view within Chatcast.  Screen_Shot_2017-08-22_at_7.05.52_PM.png

1) Account

Use the account section to update your name, email and your current time zone. 


2) Change Password

Successfully type your old password and you can update your account with a new password. Chatcast recommends changing your password every 90 days or using a password manager tool. 


3) User Access

Invite members of your team to help manage this messenger channel. This works BY CHANNEL. If you have multiple channels connected to your Chatcast, please note that if you invite a contributor, they only have access to that specific channel. You can promote anyone to be an Administrator at any time.  Users are not notified if changes to their access or permissions have been made. 

Important differences between an Administrator and Contributor are as follows. Contributors may NOT add additional team members or have access to top level settings. 


4) Connected Channels

View all your the channels you have connected to Chatcast here. An Adminstrator may at any point suspend or delete a channel from your instance of Chatcast. 


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