Broadcast a Message

Once you've build up a list of subscribers, you are ready to engage them with real-time Messenger Marketing. The message composer gives you the ability to easily compose messages, attach rich media, view how they will render and decide who receives them and when. 

1) Compose a Message. Personalized is better. 

The single most important thing to remember when composing for Messenger Marketing is authenticity. Use the voice of your organization to try and talk to your audience as if it was an audience of one. If your organizing is formal or informal, leverage that personality to connect deeply with your subscribers. Use the Personalization options when appropriate to use a dynamic token for First Name, Last Name or Full Name. If you want to remove the personalization menu, simply click the X on the top-right of the box. 


2) Add rich Media Content and (when necessary) a call to action

If there is a call to action in the form of a link, add link and customize the Button text (17 character limit) and add the destination URL. Chatcast hosts images, audio and video files and plays them directly within Messenger to your subscribers. Rich Media is highly engaging and should be leveraged often. 

Please note that Images must be JPG, PNG, or GIF format, and no larger than 2M. Audio files must be in MP3 format, and no larger than 25MB. Video files must be in MP4, or M4V format, and no larger than 50MB.


3) Delivery Options. Target your message

For maximum effect of you Message Marketing, make your messages as targeted as possible. Chatcast can send the message at the exact time you would like it to be received. If you have a geographically large audience, choose "Subscriber's Timezone" if your message is intended to be delivered at a specific time no matter what time zone the subscriber is in (e.g. 10a no matter where they are located).

Choose "Your Timezone" if your message is intended for a specific moment in time no matter where the subscriber lives. Such as a flash sale. Update your time zone in the Admin Section

Target your subscribers with their name, gender, country, language or your own custom tags. Learn how to tag your subscribers here. Use multiple conditions, and/or logic or select a previously saved query to target your messages as specifically as you require. 



4) Send a Message (or save as draft)

When you are ready, you'll see the number of subscribers about to receive your message.  If you have not scheduled the message to be sent later, your message will be sent/delivered immediately. If you have large files attached, please allow for a few seconds for the files to be uploaded to Chatcast's servers. 

You may also save your message as a draft, which you can access at the top of your Broadcast screen anytime in the future. 


5) Message Sent

You'll see this message at the top of your screen in green when. Go to Message Results to see real-time results of this message.


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