Messenger is a 100% opt-in platform. Part of the reason that your list will perform so well is these are the people what want to hear from you the most. We've already talked about a few ways that you can get subscribers here:, let's now look at how you can view, tag and segment this audience. 

1) Audience View. 

View your subscribers, sorted chronologically by subscription date. If you click on any record, you'll see the flyout menu on the right side showing detailed information on the subscriber. You'll also see a search tool at the top to look for specific individuals and a filter tool you can use to build and save queries. You also have the ability to Block Subscribers from receiving messages temporarily (toggle on/off), or unsubscribe them completely. 


At the top of the flyout menu, you'll see a few tabs. If you select the Activity tab, you'll be able to review all historical activity for their lifetime as your subscriber. In the same set of tabs, you can select X to close the Flyout menu. 


 2) Tag your Subscribers

Your growth tools have options to automatically tag leads based on campaigns, but if you wanted to tag someone manually, simply type the tag. Select X to delete the tag. In the next step you can use these tags to create re-usable segments. 


3) Segment your subscribers

Using the Filter icon at the top of the page, use the query builder to leverage any variable you like to build and save a custom query. Use as many variables as needed, use and/or logic and give the custom query a name to use later in the message composer. 


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