Facebook Comment: Keyword Promotion

Facebook Comment Keyword Promotion is an excellent way to distribute content such as a coupon, a report, VIP Lists or any unique offers. In this case with comments, all people that comment even if the commenter is already a subscriber Chatcast will still engage them with Messenger.

In a post, you can ask your audience if they would like a special offer, a report to download or a special video of a performance. You can designate a single keyword or multiple comma separated keywords and invite your audience to comment on a post with that keyword. If they do so, Chatcast will send them a two part message that you create in the wizard, with the second message ultimately delivering the content on offer.

1) Navigate to Growth Tools and select Keyword Promotion 

Select Launch a Keyword Promotion to begin the wizard


2) Select the Facebook Post you want Chatcast to listen to

After launching this promotion, Chatcast will listen to this post for specific keywords in the comments section. You can select old or existing posts, but it's best to use a Scheduled Post so that this growth tool is already connected when the post goes live on Facebook's newsfeed. If you have not made your Facebook post yet, go to your Facebook Page and do that first. See the example Posts on the right side of the screenshot below for ideas and inspiration. Your Facebook Post should ask people to comment with a specific word in order to trigger a direct Messenger message to them delivering the promotion item.

For this example, we are selecting a post that asks our audience to say whether they prefer Peanuts or Cracker Jack for a snack at the ballgame. 

Choose your Comment Keyword and (optional) add a Segmentation Tag for later. The keyword(s) will be what Chatcast specifically listens for to fire the campaign on the next screen. 


3) Confirmation Message and Final Delivery Message

After Chatcast hears one of the comment keywords, this first message is what will play after a time delay of your choosing. Always use Personalization Tokens to ensure an authentic experience for your commenter. In our example, we ackowledge their comment, agree and offer something of value if they reply. 


The Final Delivery Message is sent when the commenter replies. When this message is delivered, the commenter is automatically made a subscriber to your Messenger channel, if not already a subscriber. Add a link into this message do drive deeper engagement back to your Facebook Page, your website or a third party site. In our case, it's a password that the commenter can use in a specific window at the team's next event. 
One of the biggest benefits of using this growth tool is that it also increases your Facebook post’s visibility in the newsfeed. Facebook’s newsfeed algorithm rewards more organic reach to posts with active commenting, which means way more people will see it. 

Please note that as an admin of your Facebook page, Facebook will not send you the welcome message when commenting on your own post.
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