Facebook Comments Auto-Subscribe - Growth Tool

Facebook Comments Auto-Subscribe is hands down your fastest way to get subscribers quickly, especially if your Facebook page is a place where your audience comments regularly. This is very easy to setup, but it's important to understand the experience for your audience. 

Simply put, once you turn this tool on Chatcast will listen to the posts on your page and after a delay of your choosing, engage the commenter within messenger. THIS WILL ONLY engage commenters that are NOT subscribers to your channel in Chatcast

1) Navigate to Growth Tools and select Auto-Subscribe

Simply click Turn On This Growth Tool, and you are live. If you have multiple channels in Chatcast, this will only apply to the channel you can currently see in the top left hand corner. It will not turn on for all of your channels. 


2) Once you have turned on Auto Subscribe, click on Edit Welcome Message


3) Setup your welcome message in the voice of your organization.

When possible, you should use Chatcast personalization tokens as often as you can to achieve authenticity. Always explain the benefit of subscribing to your messenger updates as well as making it clear how to opt-out should they wish to unsubscribe. 

Select a message delay so the comment is not automatically fired immediately upon completing a comment. Choose the interval that feels most comfortable for you. 


4) You are done!

Create posts that encourage your audience to comment and watch your subscriber numbers climb in your dashboard. Be sure to stick to a schedule of sending messages so your audience looks forward to them and can consume the content, can in turn share your messages, or take action in the link you've supplied. The larger your subscriber list, the more effective Chatcast will be for you. 

Advanced tip: To reach beyond your audience of Facebook Likes, leverage a promoted post. Depending on the audience you are promoting your post to, this gives you access to a group exponentially larger that your current audience. If your posts are engaging enough, your subscriber base could soon eclipse the number of Page Likes. 

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