List Import: Phone Number Match

List Import allows you to reach out directly to your customer base with an invitation to connect on messenger with a.CSV doc upload. Facebook Messenger matches people based on their mobile phone number and sends them a 1-time message. This is a powerful way to quickly connect with your audience and gain subscribers. NOTE: the matching only works on US based mobile numbers. 

1) You must make a 1-time $99 purchase on Facebook for their Customer Matching API. You'll need this for each page you want to send messages from, and this page must be based in the US. 

To access, go to your page's settings section. From there go to the Messenger Platform section on the left navigation. 


From there scroll down to the Customer matching option, click the box that confirms this page is based in the US and click Make a Payment. You only need to do this once for as long as you use the feature. 

2) Prepare your list

In Chatcast, navigate to Growth Tools and select List Import: 

In the top, download a sample upload list to use the headers for import. Facebook will match on the phone field (mobile phone numbers only). You can also add tags if you like for segmentation within Chatcast. To separate multiple tags, use the | character (ex: CEO|Los Angeles|vegetarian)


3) Upload your List, type your message

In the Chatcast interface, upload your list and type your invitation to connect. Once someone accepts your invitation to connect, they will still need to open a thread to add them as a subscriber to your Chatcast instance. The Automatic Reply message will play right after they click Allow and remind them to click Get Started. Once they do so, they will be viewed as a subscriber in your instance of Chatcast. 


4) Send Message

Once you have uploaded your list and typed your messages, click Send Message and Facebook will begin matching your list and sending invitations. 

5) Track Results

Once you have sent messages, your list will populate below. Click View Results on a specific list to track results. 


The results will show three important statistics:
1) If the number was a valid US format number
2) If the number was matched by Facebook
3) If the individual completed the subscription process.  


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