Survey Composer/Progressive Profiling

Chatcast Surveys are the web forms of the future. Instead of driving your existing customer base to a form for survey questions in order to progressively profile them (these generally convert at 2.35% - 5.15%), use a survey to ask very specific questions with either multiple choice, 1-5 star ratings or free text. We see these converting on average between 16% - 28%. 

1) Navigate to Broadcast and select Survey Composer


2) Name and build your survey

Give your survey a name (this is where you'll reference it in the list on the top right) and start building our your first question. Your options are Multiple Choice, Text Response or Star Rating. The Question is exactly how it will appear to your subscribers. Create a targeting tag, which you'll be able to use later for sending segmented messages. Finally, select if you will send a reply after an answer is selected (recommended) 


3) Build out multiple choice answers

You can add as many choices as you like. If you selected to have an answer reply before moving to the next question, input your response. There are three default options, bus using the red X's, Remove questions, or using the green button at the bottom, Add questions. Use the grey arrows next to the red X's to reorder the question to your liking. 

Once you've completed your first question, you can use the green button to Add Another Question to begin your second question. Make your survey as long as you choose. We recommend between 2-5 questions, depending on your audience. 


4) Use Text and Star rating questions

Text is best for answers like email and phone number that you can later use as the key to sync to your CRM. 


Star ratings are useful as a satisfaction survey for an event or an overall impression of an experience or company. 


5) Conclude your survey with a message and click Load Survey into Message Composer

You can also save this survey for later as a draft. 


6) Compose your Message and Send

In Message Composer, write a message to participate in the survey as authentically as possible. Then select Survey from your options options in Add Content. Select the subscribers you want to target and press Send. 


7) Here is what your survey should look like to the subscriber



8) Analyze the Results

In your Message Results, select Survey Results at the top, then on the right select the survey you just sent. 


9) Leveraging your Survey results for Segmentation

In the profile of your subscriber, you can see their information as answered in the Survey. 

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