Add Buttons (Link/Phone/Menu)

In your Message Composer, you have the use of multiple button types to engage your subscribers, Link, Phone Number and Chatcast Button. You'll see these available under Add Content and Add Buttons. You can add a maximum of three (3) buttons to one message. 


1) Link

This is the most straightforward button and is what drives the Click Through Rate (CTR) statistics in your Message Results. 


2) Phone Call

Use this button to drive your subscribers to make phone calls. The number you put in the destination will then populate in their mobile phone's dialer. They will still need to press call to being the call. 


3) Chatcast Button

You can use your Messenger Menu to build out a directory of permanent options for your subscribers to take advantage of.  


4) Use multiple buttons as needed (up to three per message)

Click Add Another Button and create your experience. 

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